Event Marketing & Promotion

Do you need to promote your event? Do you need sponsorship from trade members or exhibitors? We will collaborate with you to ensure the message you want to send about your event is the one your audience hears. We can develop and deliver a promotional campaign, including printing and publishing, to attract prospective delegates and sponsors alike.

What to say? When to say it? How to reach them? These are all valid questions and we have the answers!

Using techniques such as brainstorm, SWOT, essences etc. to build the concept of your event and the processes for promoting it.
Working with our developers to design and build promotional tools, access items to sponsors/prospective delegates.
Mass mailings modular or singular, to attract potential sponsors/delegates.

Promoting your event either with face to face or telephone meetings with exhibitors/sponsors. Using social media effectively to enhance the campaigns, raise awareness and draw attention.

Other Services