Event Management

Here at EMD we manage events brilliantly! We are passionate about providing excellence for our Clients and we will support you every step of the way to make sure your event is delivered perfectly! We add real value to any event no matter at what stage you involve us.

We will support you throughout the organisational process pre, during and post your event. Our team is always available to assist in the Event Logistics to help you deliver a seamless event.

So how does your journey begin...?


We always meet face to face with you to discuss your overall aims and objectives. View our planning process in detail.

We will liaise with you regarding the implementation of your programme or schedule and you will be assigned a dedicated point of contact for your event. We like to keep communication high so that there are no surprises (except pleasant ones!) on the day.

A project timetable will be prepared detailing roles and responsibilities, this is managed by your planner and our team throughout the event life-cycle. We involve you as much or as little as you wish in the process.

We know feedback is vital to improve quality. We can handle the evaluation and accreditation of your event when necessary. We will also ensure that all speakers/organisers are thanked appropriately.

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